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Friday list, I hope it’s a good omen since I already know I’m facing a loooong day XD

Cat Trap

° a nice evening with company
° grocery shopping unexpectedly cheap (and good)
° run errands as a couple, quietly, there’s fog outside anyway
° tea to warm myself up, herbal teas to digest
° the little corner I’ve prepared for Clothilde on my desk: an old wooden box, an old throw, the perfect cat trap
° some videos about the history and architectury in Pavia, I have to go and visit sometimes
° our “Burghy night” with friends, turned out great, the burgers were excellent and we had a great time ^^
° the day after breakfast: green tea and apple slices… I needed a detox U_U ahahahha
° a grey and lazy sunday to spend at home
° castile soap… is there anything this soap cannot wash???
° finally holding my niece *_* she’s so light… and so energic for being that little *_*
° aching arms and back after “training” with Jillina (in dvd) but being also infused with sport-endorphines :)
° Habit RPG, I’m doing stuff not to loose points only… It works!!!
° carrots cream soup, yummy
° being suddenly free of a long and borin meeting at work. Surprise! Free time!
° pre-listening to Deimos’ new album “Beyond”. Guys, I’m not saying this just because I live with the bass player, it kicks asses!!!
° home made canned olives from Calabria… I’d eat tons of them (and then I could kill vampires just breathing on them, but who cares)
° “EPIC WIN” situations (after all, as we say, “Who sows wind, reaps storm”)
° hanging out with my mom, having lunch in a pretty place, run some errands (coming home with a couple new shirts XD), spotting a pair of shoes that remind me of a pair we had when I was 11. I remember the day: we were in the city, it was cold, there was smell of roasted chestnuts in the air, that shoe shop is now a perfume shop I believe, anyway in the window there were these two pair of brown split leather ankle boots for little girls and for grownup women, mine had a needlework with yellow and orange thread on the side, mom’s were plain, but they were so soft, hairy and warm, and we wore them a lot, and when my feet grew and the shoes didn’t fit me anymore I was kind of sad. Also because, let’s confess it, having a pair of shoes like your mom’s??? Cooooool!
° the biggest thunderstorm
° my niece little footsies, all chubby
° mythological creatures, finally relaxed


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