Rabbit Year

Happy Bunny Year!
I know, it was two days ago and I’m not asian, but I see nothing wrong in wishing happy new year to those who celebrate, and draw inspiration from other cultures 😉

Those born on bunny years are said to have certain qualities, they’re intelligent, kind, quiet, artistic, lucky, just to name a few (you can find some others here and here).
The interesting part is that these qualities are also characteristic of the year they mark, so we can take advantage of it!

Therefore today I’ll tell you how you can adore rabbits, not only for the cute face, long ears and pompon booty. And they’re NOT rodents, ok? They’re of lagomorpha order, so my auntie can stop saying they’re like giant tail-less rats…

Rabbits are known to be the most shy animal there is. Now, let’s think about it throughly: Mother Nature gave rabbits highly sensitive ears, sturdy and fast legs, some strong nails, two big teeth to chew on carrots and… that’s it.
Step into their shoes, and now step in front of a hungry fox. What would you do? Being brave here, would mean being stupid, very stupid, run and lifesaving is saviour.
Only if rabbits have no choice they fight back (and there are cats and foxes that could tell you, if they were not ashamed!) to defend themselves, their “flock” and their offsprings, paying with their lives if they ought to.

Rabbits are very smart.
And somehow brave too: when they stomp on the ground to alert everybody, well, that’s quite a way to tell anybody exactly where you stand. Hey, it takes some guts!
Usually it’s hares who’re said to be smart and bright, but come on, that’s the same family!

So what do we have so far? Great intelligence, brightness and courage when needed. Not that bad uh?

In different cultures bunnies have different meanings. It’s a moon, nocturnal animal, therefore wise and prolific (well, we all knew this bit!) but also metaphorically prolific, with ideas. A sensual animal. His lucky (though not to the bunny it belonged to… ew). Japanese people see a bunny on the moon, it’s a symbol for immortality, sacrifice. Aztecs had a divinity, Centzon Totochtin, moon deities of booze, celebration, party, abundance.

This wants to be a message to all the “rabbits”, all the shy and ashamed ones out there: please DO identify with a bunny, it will serve you well!

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