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This list comes horribly later than usual, I was also going to post, on wednesday, a post that said “I’ll soon be swallowed by holidays, relatives, celebrations and preparations for Christmas, so I’m just taking five minutes to post some greetings and then be gone”, but you’ll deduce I didn’t have those five minutes neither!
But today, in a little break between breakfast and the official start of monday, here comes at least a pre-christmassy list.

And happy happy holidays to everyone :)

merry christmas

° the night out in Milan with my friends, to sum up what’s noteworthy: the company, the talk, the apple pie and the eritrean restaurant, not only it was good, it was also beautiful to look at
° enjoying our quiet home on saturday, walking downtown just to get some oxygen
° an “unexpected girls’ night in” (not out because we were sitting on the couch with a cuppa, talking endlessly, and Clothilde was chasing ghosts around)
° a suuuuperlazy sunday
° full days at work, but at least the hours went by quickly!
° my dad’s Linzer Torte
° being ready to make my home made Christmas presents, surprise, muhuhahahhahaha
° two days at home, quiet, preparing a couple of things and enjoying the silence (oops, I didn’t mean to make a pun here!)
° Clothilde when she’s all cuddly and nice (not when she’s slapping her paws at me, ehy! I am the Alfa, not you!)
° the upcoming weekend… after a quite full of a friday, it will be a relief having a weekend where we’ll just have to eat, visit relatives, going to the movies and enjoying the company 😀
° “top of the tops” cinema seats (even though “The Hobbit, the desolation of Smaug” is good but for naps)
° lunch with family, we need to train our stomachs before Christmas
° incredibly helpful herbal teas
° an impromptu meeting with friends to say “happy holidays” in person
° my beautiful favourite niece, when she laughs her cheeks are divided in four plumpy quarters
° finding half an hour of peace on the couch with Sa, Clo and an episode of Scrubs
° a walk to ease the mind
° people who stick by the rules
° mythological creatures

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