A weekend distil

According to the celtic calendar Robert Graves made up, we’re in the month of Ngetal, aka for us in 2013 is “Month of the Reed”.

Anyway, it’s a month for introspection, for keeping warm, for all those indoor activities like lighting the fireplace after a nice walk in the woods, knitting, baking cookies and taking naps.

You don’t need to be a genious to understand that I’ve been doing just that, instead of blogging, I’m simply indulging in my laziness.
(Also because, in a blink it will be Christmas and we’ll all be busy as busybees!)

So here in a nutshell, three pictures and a song, the recap of my weekend made of relaxing things in good company.


How pretty, so many, so many colours and textures and so awww *_*

coniglio rabbit

Heeeere bunnybunnybunnybunny here pretty bunny!

gatto cat

No, really, I’m comfortable.

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