Musa’s Box

It’s thursday again, yay! Weekend’s coming so let’s bathe in what made us happy these past days :)

° a chat with a friend, to unload some heavy thoughts

° the feeling of doing something effective for yourself, to take your life into your hands (if you want to say it big), knowing you’re sending a clear message to the universe (if you want to say it philosophically :D)

° nice, polite people

° a nice day in the city

° lunch with my aunt

° polite and smiling people, it takes so little!

° sewing sewing sewing

° my brand new striped bag

° my wonderful steampunk costume, with “poet/piratess/peasant” shirt, handmade goggles on Sa’s cowboy hat, metallic makeup, and most of all my uber cool waist cincher

° the cosplay

° home made swap party with a lot of beautiful women and endless bags!

° Sa, standing by my side for no matter what :)

° ice cream, martini and additional talks ’till one o clock in the morning

° writing some post and some post series ideas beforehand

° chances that make you jump in excitement

° having many things to do

° chinese food and dragon cake (note: dragon cake is an industrial dessert, pre made, very likely by an italian brand, it’s basically spongecake and cold strawberry cream, all pink. I love it since I was 10, how can it be any different? A pink strawberry cake and a 10 years girl… :D)

° a new part time job with a serious contract! Where I get to be all pretty all day, with nice people and I also get free makeup! Yay!

° unbelievably I’ve found useful and updated infos for Pavia’s public transport online!

° finding out, in a single day, four nice things about myself: 1-I’m still able to talk a lot, random, in front of an “audience” (from one to more people I’ve just met) with real enthusiasm, 2-I’ve managed to follow an “intermediate bellydance” class even though I’ve never took constant and continuative lessons (except for some dvds and a couple of workshops), 3-the stuff I sew holds on really well, 4-I have an innate sense of timing and rythm

° finger cymbals

° beautiful opportunities for Sa too

° packages coming in by mail with beautiful and extra samples!

° tidying up and organizing my shoes, all of them!

° Perugina’s chocolat mousse, sooooo good!

° Downton Abbey, second season (we’re catching up!)

° my brand new round ring with fuchsia liquid

° my mom, always being a mom

° being optimistic, even though sometimes I need a minute or to “sleep on it” to be able to see the bright side

° Clothilde’s first sunnyspots

° le creature mitologiche

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4 thoughts on “Musa’s Box

  1. Sheireen

    Ooohw, sono nella tua scatola! <3
    1) voglio anch'io la torta del drago O.O' perché non l'ho mai vista/mangiata?!!
    2) hai messo in ordine tutte le scarpe?! beh.. se la tua situazione scarpe assomiglia alla mia, complimentoni! XD

    1. Euforilla Post author

      Io la trovo solo nei ristoranti cinesi, e non in tutti! Infatti se mi capita di vederla la DEVO prendere, non importa se sono piena da scoppiare di ravioli al vapore e compagnia bella!
      (Fra l’altro ho cannato il nome del tuo blog, ora correggo!)
      Tutte le scarpe, sì, è stata una bella sfida… e ho anche un bel sacchettone di scarpe da donare alle associazioni che raccolgono abiti usati!

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