Detox time

I’ve mentioned more than once this “detox diet” I sometimes go through, and since I’m willing to repeat it in a short while I’ve decided to share it with you


Disclaimer, very needed disclaimer: I’m not a doctor/dietist/nutritionist/pharmacist/herborist/chemist or whatever-ist. I’ve studied philosophy after all… I’m healthy (not even a slight intolerance), so if you have any doubt ask your doctor first!!!
This is not a “diet” to loose weight, it has more an Aristotelian sense: regimen, series of hygenic rules and nutritional choices to make in order to live an healthy life.

Ok, we’re done with the boring yet needed disclaimer. Let me now explain! This is a “diet” that, through an healthy alimentation (I’ll write about it in a while) and some helping products, allows your body to shed the excess “toxines” (too much fats, liquid retention, etc).
For me it started with Mei, an italian company that provides everything you need, my mom and me tried it some years ago, and it went well.
Some time after that we would have liked to repeat the process, but the products sold by Mei are too expensive for us. So, looking up at their lists, we went to an herborist and asked her to help us out finding valid substitutes for a detoxing diet.
This is also because I believe that eating clean for a month is what makes the deal, more than drops or gels to add up.

Anyway, let’s keep things straight, it’s a “dissociated diet” type of diet: carbs for lunch and proteins in the evening, vegetables at every meal, fruit separated from meals just as snack, always change your menu. No animal fats, no sweets, no alcohol, no smoke, no caffeine, no sodas, very little red meat (better if you opt for white meat or even better fish).
You can eat as much as you like, we’re not here to starve ourselves: if you’re really hungry you can cook up 100gr pasta for lunch, as long as you season it with veggies. Got it?
Moreover at lunch, before eating your main course, you should have a light salad. With very little salt, veeeeery little oil and a sprinkle of lemon juice (not vinegar, since it’s fermented it’s high in sugar). I really don’t like it with lemon, so I use Garam Masala spices. Yummy!
(Yes spices cheer up your tastebuds and have no calories).

Now, let’s see the “products”: start off your morning with an herbal tea made with horsetail and nettle. Horsetail is great to balance minerals in your body (if you’re drinking too much water there’s the risk of washing out important minerals too) and nettle is a good intestine cleanser (oooh poetic). If I have / if I bother to buy some, I take a propolis, ginger and siberian ginseng supplement, if I don’t have any I just have a teaspoon of honey (placed right underneath my tongue) easy peasy!
Have a different breakfast everyday (mine are: fruit juice and rusk with honey, green tea and rusk with jam, yogurt and a fruit, milk and whole cereal, fruit juice and ham toast. Switch these up and you’ll go a long way :)).
Morning snack: fruit, if you’re hungry.
Lunch: I have herboristic tinctures of artichoke and dandelion, 30 drops each in a glass of warm water, light salad (dressed as previously explained) and some carbs (steamed rice with EVOO and curry, whole weat pasta with vegetable sauce, minestrone with a little pasta, it’s up to you!) and you close things up with some soy lecithin. (Dandelion and artichoke is cleansing for the liver, the lecithin is a good “bad cholesterol” fighter and a “good cholesterol” enhancer).
As an afternoon snack some more fruit and, since I’m quite hungry in the afternoon, I also have some wholenuts. At least I’m chewing on something :)
For dinner again the herboristic tinctures, proteins and vegetables (grilled chicken with salad, oven cooked fish with some cooked veggies, hardboiled eggs with vegetables, legumes soup, and so on), sometimes you’re “allowed” 50 grams of bread. And again some lecithin.
Before going to sleep, if I have some leftover, I finish drinking the herbal tea of horsetail and nettle I made in the morning (and sipped throughout the day), if there is no more left I just have a simple “depurative” or “after-meal” herbal tea, you can find these in any supermarket I bet!

I truly believe that the food is what really does the tric, joined with drinking plenty and choosing seasonal food and wholewheat carbs, more than the supplement products. So if you’re interested in trying this detox diet just look around. There are a lot of herbal teas you can find that can be good for this purpose.
After all do you really think the magic sits in that teaspoon of stuff you gulp daily?!

In the end there was also a body scrub, but since I’m already using green products and scrub myself with an hammam glove and then use sweet almond oil on the skin, that’s the best I can do :)

Oh, and of course I’m taking for granted that you’re working out, sweating, burnin calories and feeling all the endorphines U_U

I know that reading about a “horsetail and nettle” herbal tea made you think “Yuck”, but take note of this: one day I spotted my cat lapping it from my mug. If a cat likes it…

If you want to detox your mind as well remember that yoga and meditation are the best ways :)

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