Yummy rolls recipe

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Ok, just kidding, but last friday I prepared these rolls for my birtdhay, they have no better name than “rolls”, I don’t know where this recipe came from and it has been years since I’ve last done it.

But anytime I make them they’re a big hit (some of my friends still remember them since my 18th birthday party… if you consider that I’ve hit 27 last friday, that’s quite a longlasting memory for a snack, uh?).

Ok, enough blabbling, let’s roll (ah! Lame pun intended :P) with the recipe, and I have some pictures too, I’m so professional!

– a pack of white sandwich bread
– enough cooked ham (a couple of hg?)
– enough spreadable cheese
– enough rocket

How to.
Take a slice of bread, flatten it with a roling pin, so it’s thin and firm.
Spread some cheese.

Normal sized bread on the left, flattened on the right, already cheese-spreaded. Just in case you need to know how to spread cheese…

Add some rocket and a couple ham slices.
Flatten everything and wrap the roll tight, on the short side of course. It’s not hard to do, you just need to start gently.
The filling doesn’t have to be too much, otherwise you won’t be able to keep the roll closed.

The rolls in their sweatpants…

Wrap the roll tightly in film, keep them in the fridge for a couple of hours, better yet if you can prepare them the day before serving.
Then cut in slices (about half cm thick), I remember my aunt used an electric knife and they turned out perfect, I used a bread knife and they turned out just allright!

I think next time I’ll try to make a sweet one, with chocolate spread!
Of course you can change filling at your taste: sauces, spread and paté, your favourite charcuteries, your favourite salad, or without any type of meat if you’re vegetarian 😉 The only thing you want to keep in mind is to use only thin and pliable ingredients (so no cheese wedges or thick salami slices) and that can be cut easily, you don’t want to saw like a carpenter, the roll will be all squashed and unpretty to look upon.


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