Musa’s Box

Let’s sum up what’s a Musa’s Box: a virtual box for all those real things that in the past week made you go “WOW!” or just smile. It’s good for the mood. Very good for the mood. And it’s addictive :)

° Seeing the guy from a kid tv show I watched as a child (and recognising him by the voice before seeing his face), real childhood pieces :)
° a lady with a cat in her purse (no, not a cat-carrier, she had this furry one peaking from her Louis Vuitton)
° an old school goth walking her grandma arm in arm
° eaves dropping into other language conversations
° lunch with colleagues (even though it took me till evening to digest my lunch XD)
° a tiny hope for positive change
° the last creative makeup lesson, wich actually is a little bit secondary to all the chats and the girl group we have now
° microcats that have found a home
° preparing the next postylish
° a dinner with lots of people and the “nerd jokes” moment
° Fringe and Ringer, I’d say more but I don’t want to spoil anything!
° “morning emails” 😉 and those to organize 31 october
° evenings, afternoons, five minutes and half days with Mr Faun
° playing with Sweet Home 3D (and import Ikea’s Pendel too, I mean, wow!!!)
° a real autumn day
° the dress with cats and my purple coat
° mythological creatures

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