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As seen on Giada’s blog, I’m doing it too just because I liked it! And if you like, do it too and let me know!

1.Name? Cristina.
2.Surname? Cri, Muse, Sis, Caterina (this only from my grandma). Genius. No ok, I’m calling myself this today (along with two other people for other reasons… oh come on let me indulge in this selfesteem boost today!!!)
3.Number of candles on your last birthday cake? 26
4.Date when you blow out those candles?  23 november, so if you pay attention in a short while candles my candles will be 27 (even though  feel barely 25)
5.Remarkable signs? A lllllot  of long hair, and I transform into Anxiety Girl in less than a second.
6.Place of birth? Pavia.
7. Height? 170cm
8.Eye colour? Hazel.
9.Hair colour? Dark brown, dyed red with henna.
10.Shoe size? 38 (italian measurement).
11.Glasses? Contacts mostly, but if I’m not wearing contacts I’m wearing glasses, can’t help it, I’m terribly shortsighted
12.Any piercing? Yes, a navel one, Then, once upon a time in a kinder world also ears counted as being pierced, there I have four total, left and righ. But nowadays that’s just normal to have 😀
13.Tattoos? Pas encore…
14.Pets? A Mademoiselle Clothilde Restatini aka stinky (she’s a cat btw)
15.Do you like your job? If we mean blogger and crafter yes, I adore it!!!
16.Have you ever bee drunk? Who me? Oh come ooooon… (yes).
17.Did you ever fell in love? Yes.
18.Have you loved someone so much you cried? Yes.
19.Have you ever had car accidents? Yes -.- nothing more than bumpings, with no bruises, but when I see someone braking I brake too, even though I’m really far away… and when I’m at the red light I’m always afraid that people behind me don’t stop in time… (anxiety girl, I said it)
20.Have you ever had motorbike accidents? No.
21.Redo or white wine? Depends on what I’m eating, but if it’s red it must be still.
22.Coca Cola or Pepsi? Cocacola, with vermuth.
23.Lemonsoda or Oransonsoda? None.
24.Coffee with milk or without? I don’t drink coffee.
25.Black coffee or coffee with sugar? Black, to make tiramisu or chocolate bomb cake.
26.White or cane sugar? Honey in herbal teas, white for baking.
27.Blanket or duvet? Duvet, it’s so fluffy *_*.
28.Break up with s/o or being left by? Break up.
29.Colour of your socks? Striped!
30.Favourite number? 23 and 11. (I’m narcissistic, what can I do…)
31.Favourite movie? Llllllllaaaaabyrinth! (said with that much emphasys)
32.Quote? “Well you can’t look where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re going!”. From Labyrinth, indeed.
33.Computer or Play Station? Computer.
34.Day of the week? Saturday, I was born on saturday U_U.
35.Favourite song at the moment? Unda by Faun, along with Don’t stop me now by Queen.
36.Favourite song? Once it was Sweet Child o Mine by Guns n Roses, now I don’t know… maybe Sleep or Believe by Savatage, or maybe something “tribal”
37.TV program? I don’t watch tv, but if it happens to see SuperQuark (documentaries) I’m happy!
38.Favourite TV serie? Right now it’s Downton Abbey, and I’ll be obsessed by the new season of Game of Thrones
39.Favourite cartoon?  Ay Yazawa’s ones.
40.Have you ever swam naked? Yes.
41.Favourite cocktail? Vermuth&Cola generally, Gin lemon during summer, Irish coffee during winter.
42.Am I dreaming or not? I’m not, even though I’m always told I live in my fairy world.
43.Sports? Once athletics and yoga. Now I repeat myself that I have to kick my butt with bellydance (classic and tribal… Jillina and Rachel DVDs, to me!!!).
44.Favourite sport to si live? Athletics.
45.Favourite sport to watch on TV? Olympic games (well, not all of them, but athletics, gymnastics, swimming, skating… well, the non-boring ones like curling or cycling).
46.Pasta or pizza? Depends on what I want to eat.
47.How do you see yourself 10 years from now? I don’t know and that’s where I’m wrong.
48.What do you do when you’re feeling blue? I write.
49.Most used swear? Fuck, I think.
50.Most used sentence? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. Ok, not a sentence, a yell, make it good anyway.
51.What do you hate? “Small” people (not short, but small minded), wastes (from wastes of food to wastes of intelligence), gratuitous vulgarity and violence.
52.Who can’t you stand? Loud noises and children. Stinks and heavy smells (ok it’s not “who” but I’ve sensitive senses U_U they have to make up for my short sight)
53.What’s the most beautiful thing in the world? Fulfilling yourself.
54.What time do you go to sleep? I could fall asleep at 9pm, but I usually go to bed around midnight, more or less.
55.Righthanded or lefthanded? Righthanded.
56.Horoscope sign? Cusp scorpio-sagittarius, ascendant in sagittarius, moon in aries (I told you I made my own natal chart!).
57.Soft spot? Lazyness which becomes procrastination and consequentially brings lack of confidence and trust in my abilities, since I always procrastinate the chance to put them to practice.
58.Worst memory ever? One of those where you feel something inside cracking and you instantly know there will be no glue to fix it.
59.Best memory ever? Luckily there’s more than the bad ones :)
60.Your best quality? I don’t know… I’m not playing modest nor I’m bashing myself, the thing is, quite immodestly, that I think I have a couple and there is no “best” among them. If you want me to say what I lke best in myself is creativity, there you go, I answered the question, happy now?
61.Your worst flaw? Lack of trust (but I’m working on it 😉 and there will be a “HotLikeThis” post about it 😉 )
62.Qualities people find in you? Creativity, intelligence, spontaneous, trustworthy (sounds like a car).
63.Flaws they say you have? Lazyness, lack of trust in myself.
64.What are you afraid of? Heights.
65.A goal? Resolve me.
66.Your first thought in the morning? “Breakfasssstttttt” like a zombie.
67.Last thought before sleeping? “Ok, so, what’s up for tomorrow? No, fuck it, you’re not thinking about it now, now you sleep otherwise you’re all Anxiety Girl”.
68.First thing you look for in another person (of the opposite sex)? Eyes and hands.
69.Qualities you look for in a soulmate? Someone who doesn’t make his life more complicated than it needs. Someone who lives simply and enjoys life
70.Can you sing? Yes, well, in theory yes I took lessons for 5 years… when I’m alone or under the shower I sing beautifully (which means, sometimes I tell myself “Ehy! Brava!” and I like my voice) but alas I find my throat knotted when I’m in front of people, therefore you trust me on my word or you call me liar, it’s up to you, I don’t care XD
71.Do you believe in yourself? Yes.
72.Do you think you’re attractive? Some days a lot, some others I feel like a total waste, it all depends on how I wake up!
73.Do you get along well with your parents? Well, yes.
74.Do you play any instrument? Piano. Used to, now I’m all rusted. And that plastic flute at school does it count? And I want zills… I don’t know what I will do with them but I want them. And my wonderful Bodhran of the beer… well, mostly I just smack it random but I like it. And doorbells, always doorbells!!!
75.How old were you when you gave your first kiss? 16.
76.How old were you for you first time? 17.
77.Favourite name? Camilla/Milla, Sofia, Laura, Tobia, Leonardo.
78.Name you hate? Don’t know.
79.Is it better to try and repent or not try and regret? “Better to have love and lost that never have loved at all”.
80.Do you believe in destiny? No.
81.Do you believe in God? No.
82.Hot or cold blood? 50/50.
83.Winter or summer? 25°C always?.
84.Sea or Mountains? Mountains, woods mostly… other than that art cities.
85.Can you apologise? Yes but I have to work it off first.
86.Are you prickly? Nooooooooo, who me? Prickly? bwhawhawhaw… yes…
87.What would you change about yourself? The anxiety and my goldfish attention span, so that I could concentrate on things, dedicate time and commitment, gaining some trust in my skills and therefore kill anxiety. See, I know what my problem is, but it’s not so easy to get rid of! Fuck! (Please excuse my french!)
88.Hai mai rubato? Yes, I’m so sorry… and those stupid pens weren’t even working!
89.Do you love risk? No but sometimes it was necessary.
90.Can you be on your own? I enjoy it!
91.Are you happy? Yes.
92.Do you want children? No.
93.Marriage or common-law? Common-law first, then marriage if it works out and blablabla.
94.Being or appearing? Being.
95.The beauty or the beast? The beauty AND the beast. (Thanx Giada, i’m recycling her answer! :))
96.Can you bow your head? Yes, but beware, I’m bull-charging…
97.The feeling that touches you the most? Some wild flaming rages I had, they scared me. On a more positive note, I think compassion/empathy.
98.What would you never do? Bunjee Jumping. Base jump. Those “I’m-afraid-of-heights-things”.
99.Three wishes from the genie? Prosperity for me and my family (if this counts as two then prosperity just for me, but so so so big I can set my family too), being able to live with and thanks to what makes me happy, a healthier world (which is a bigger deal than “simply” world peace, as I see it).
100.Did these questions bore you to death? Mmmh… no ^_^.

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