Happy happy Halloween!

In Italy Halloween is not traditional… But I put it this way: any excuse to dress up, party with friends, eat and drink well, play and have fun ,is good and worths a celebration.

So… Would you like to know a couple of last-minute costumes?

1) You really really have nothing for dressup and makeup?
So go out in your pajama, and slippers (and maybe a stuffed bear) and then, like my brother’s (I really have to credit him on this one!) genius idea take a sheet of paper you will tape to your back, and write this on it: “Sorry, I thought it was a pajama party”.

2) If you do have some makeup around (you’ll just need to stole from your mom’s beautycase these items: bronzing powder, black pencil and red lipstick… I think that almost every mom has these three things) then wear your usual everyday clothes.

Draw dark circles and suck in your cheeks with the brown bronzer, with the black pencil draw a small circle on your forehead, and finally with the red lipstick smudge the borders of the circle and draw some lines dripping down you forehead and nose.
Concealer or foundation on your lips will add up to the sickly/deathly look.
You’ll be dressed up as yourself… only dead and with a bullet in your head.
Hey, it’s Halloween!

I don’t have any faster costumes (non but the ghost made out of a bedsheet with holes for your eyes :P). 

I’ll leave you with some pictures I’ve found, as always, on We Heart It… I’d live in a house like this, every day!

Right now I’m in Lucca, surrounded by cosplayers. This post is brought to you by the “timers” on blogger and tweetdeck. Yay for really useful technology!
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