Musa’s box

° four days of holidays to seal everything up and start again, full steam
° retail shopping
° play my first game of Heroquest
° Wii Party
° sushi, even when it’s not at its best
° an entire afternoon with my ladies
° crepes
° Walter Bisghop and his jokes
° Jim Brass and his ironic cynism
° stripes
° Snagglepuss tshirt
° suspenders
° maybe finally be able to meet with my Survivor Philosophers
° writing posts before time
° the fact that in my bag you can find more food and fun than everything else
° my raspberry beret, some colour in this dull winter
° willing to start travelling by train again, to have time to read
° being in charge of the translation for a press folder
° being almost over with Harry Potter’s third book
° the sweets from the stockings that cheer me up while working
° upcoming dinner with old schoolmates, and teachers too!
° exercise
° sleep almost 12 hours (even though it’s for the flu)
° I’ve learned two crochet stitches
° my stuffed bunnies
° Mr. Faun

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