Five minutes peanut butter

I’ve decided to try and add some savoury breakfasts in my diet, for variety (and yes, if you were wondering, italian breakfasts are mainly sweet stuff).
But savoury also had to mean “fast and easy“, just like my sweet breakfasts, just like dumping cereals into a milk bowl, or spreading jam on toast.

So some vegetables (carrots, celery, fennel) with peanut butter seemed a good idea.
But peanut butter isn’t that popular here in Italy, and my usual supermarket only sells it on special offer occasions.
Plus, reading online, I find that canned stuff isn’t that healthy: filled with added sugar and preservatives.

So I start googling for home made recipes. I find super lengthy stuff… peeling, roasting, cooling, blending with honey and oil.

But luckily someone in the comments mentions bags of pre-roasted and salted peanuts “I wash them, let them dry and follow the recipe”.
Since I’m lazy as hell, the pre-roasted route sounds appealing.
But I’m still dubious about honey and oil to add.

I keep searching the interwebs, going to the source: american recipes!


I find a very easy recipe that calls for peanuts, some salt or honey to taste. And maybe some peanut oil to add if needed.
Still, starting from peanuts to peel and roast.

So I decide to merge the different recipes.


I buy a 500g bag of peanuts, roasted and salted
I decide to skip the washing and drying part: after all, what’s the point of that if I’m to add some more salt while blending???

I pour the peanuts in the blender and I notice that they are also already pretty oily. So I decide not to add oil for now.

I start blending. I remember the instructions from the american recipe and… magic!
Magic happens in front of my eyes.


So here’s the quickest recipe ever.

500 g roasted and salted peanuts

Food processor
Clean jar

1) Pour the peanuts in the food processor
2) Process for one minute, then let the blender rest (or not, but mine needed times out, unless I wanted it to burn)
3) Repeat the one minute blending, for multiple times
4) Fret not, at first it will look like a “crumbly gunk” but keep going
5) Keep going and resist the urge to add oil
6) Around the fifth/seventh minute of intense blending: magic! The thing will go from “crumbly gunk” to “peanut butter” in one smooth move
7) Put it in your jar.


If your blender can take blending for a long time uninterrupted, I think you can really do this in 5 minutes.
I had to wait one minute between blends, but it still took very little time, and I didn’t have to fuss with roasting, cooling or whatever!


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