Musa’s Box

This time I remembered to take notes… and you can tell!

° violets and daisies in the grass
° the first icecream of the year (stracciatella and violet, of course)
° Clothilde’s vertical eyes, when it’s so sunny (these are her dragon eyes; when they’re big and black to hunt and in the darkness, those are her demon’s eyes)
° her purring and her headbumps

° grilled zucchini + smoked salmon + cream cheese = thank me later
° henna!!! *_*
° finishing my violet perfume, I really loved it when I first got it, but now I was kind of over it, too candy-like
° celebrating the Ambrosian Carnival, being finally able to celebrate properly: the same fritters my granny used to cook, smashing a pinatta, going to the Castle wearing our masks, battling with confettis and taking a lot of pictures
° going around fully costumed, it is somewhat liberatory to be hidden behind a mask, knowing you’re drawing attention and doing so on purpose, speaking to people who come nearby (a thing they wouldn’t normally do) without “going out of character” (the fact that there were people dead inside already at seven years old, saying “Carnival is past due”… well, that’s their own business, luckily it was just two boring people, the others smiled, waved and a lady on her bike stopped to compliment us :D)

° being very happy with myself for how the fritters turned out, it was the first time I tried my hand at my grandma’s classic, but I had a Proust-like effect: instant time travel
° finally writing a post I had in mind for a long time (the one about the International Women’s Day ;))
° the boulevard beside the Castle, with its blackthorns in bloom; a street artist playing music, an old man on a bike with two fruit caskets attached on as baskets, and a wee little dog in each one!
° the guy in the car in front of mine, driving so slowly because he had to fix his long white hair in his poofy ponytail, and also adjusting his round sunglasses… a true hippie, ladies and gentlemen!
° my bento-snack

° going shopping on my own, taking my time, buying gifts for myself: strawberries and tulips
° the vase with flowers on our fireplace, some spring entered the house
° my biiiiiig stumbe over a word: “pulits” instead of “tulips”
° home made grilled aubergines
° mythological creatures

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