June Photo a Day Challenge – the last pictures

I know, it’s not June anymore, and posting all these pictures together is not that meaningful.
You’re right. But I’ve learned to finish what I start! So here are the last pictures for the June Photo a Day Challenge. I couldn’t snap myself some of them, but Saint Google helped me.

21 – Where you slept

22 – From a high angle

23 – Movement

I can’t snap a still picture for my life’s sake… how do you like this gummy bear moon? XD

24 – On your mind

25 – Something cute

26 – Where you shop

27 – Bathroom

28 – On the shelf

29 – Soft

30 – A friend

Surprise! But at least this is a picture she uploaded online herself, so this comes as no shock for anyone… I hope! XD

I promise I’ll soon be back with other posts too!

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