Musa’s Box

Today it’s cold, raining and I’ll have to walk to town in the downpour… So this is exactly the best time to focus on nice things :)

° clean up the entire house untill it sparkles, sometimes it feels like I’m tidying up more than just the material aspect of things
° a full on relax sunday
° my mom’s apple pie, having some leftovers for breakfast with a cup of tea
° monday working out of the office
° sushi all-you-can-eat for lunch with a friend
° suddenly wishing through the words of a very odd song… and a little later getting some sort of answer… sincronicities are curious :)
° being able to manage regular working hours, independently, at work
° feline permission picture
° my grandma’s stuffed cannelloni, oh yeah, they do deserve their own spot in this list, soooo yummy!!!
° our evenings watching TV series
° Clothilde going back being quiet and cuddly, all it took was switching back to her usual food (when we ran out we bought another brand, a famous one, because it was the only one left at the supermarket… but she turned moody, aggressive, she ate and drank way more than before… this is no good!)
° Sherlok, season three, I want to meet the authors, they have to tell me how they do it, sheesh *_*
° my pretty pretty pretty new shoes, where my insole fits as well U_U
° do stuff with music, it’s all lighter
° phonecalls, emails, yay yay
° my first bought pattern *_* Thank you Mister Michael Kors for Vogue *_*
° plans for tonight and this incoming weekend, I’m excited ^^
° sour cream & onion chips by Ikea
° mythological creatures

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