Musa’s Box

For those of you who might be new here, this is my weekly list of gratitude, for all those things that made me smile, happy or just think “Thank you!”


° spend a saturday at home with Sa, finally
° Being Human, pizza and gelato
° our new kitchen shelves *_*
° plans to redo our garage
° blackberry perfume
° pasta salad
° Sa taking a day off work just for me *_*
° tamarind syrup to make iced tamarind, while I work at our kitchen table with the fan on me and Clothilde snoozing from the top of the kitchen cabinets
° a ruffled, striped costume
° a bagel with smoked salmon and a walk with a friend all in sherbet yellow 😀
° Ravelry, I caved in this new drug and now I can’t pick which pattern to start from…
° Gwyneth Paltrow’s banana “ice cream”, I’ve tweaked the recipe a little… but it’s really yummy and easy!!!
° some “to do” things for next week
° thinking about starting an “art journal” with magazine cutouts, watercolours, collage, fabric scraps and so on :)
° Clothilde who ate quite a lot, lately she was getting way too skinny, stupid heat…
° mythological creatures

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4 thoughts on “Musa’s Box

        1. Euforilla Post author

          Io mi lancio con lo scialle, poi vedo che altra lana/filato ho in casa e cosa posso farci, adoro il fatto che abbiano i criteri di ricerca anche per quantità di filato che hai *_*

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