Some time ago I read this post: “Stop instagramming your perfect life”, the title, as a good title should, is really catchy. But it doesn’t really sum up what the article it’s about (I really recommend the read!) which can be broken down to these two points:

Grumpy Cat Tardar Sauce Tardy

1) what people post online has already been edited, photoshopped and carefully selected from their best moments (I’m snapping a picture of the finished cupcake, not the mess that lingers in the kitchen, my personal pictures are the ones where I think I’m objectively looking good, I write a status about something beautiful or fun, not about me feeling lonely, done and crying in the bathroom with the cat);
2) we usually spend time browsing social networks when we have nothing better to do, when we’re home feeling sick, when we’re bored, therefore we witness everybody else’s fairytale while doing nothing fun.

These two things, combined, make us feel small, useless, purposeless and with a plain, dull, boring life.
It’s perfectly normal, we all do. After all they say you can’t be envious of someone else’s life if you’re “Out living yours”. So true!
(And, may I add, if you’re really enjoying something you do not spend time sharing stuff about it anyway, don’t you? “Dinner with friends, yay!” Uhm… your friends are at your table, please put down your phone and have fun with them, thanx!).

So, inspired by that article I decided to write a sort of topsy turvy Musa’s Box, not to whine or focus on what’s wrong, but to show I’m not perfect (even though I do not think I pass off as perfect from my blog… Though I am guilty of sharing mostly the nice stuff).

So, what’s ordinary in my life… anything? XD

° we need to fix a couple of things here at The Nook (the garage looks like a swamp, the windows are bent and there are a lot of rafts, we should re paint the walls, the cellar needs to be emptied and cleaned, we should give a makeover to our wardrobe but we’ve been putting this off for two years now) but we have to establish priorities and choose the best budget since we don’t grow money in our vases, sadly XD
° the Musa’s Box idea was so charming to me because I am very responsive to outer stimuli: it takes nothing to make me utterly pessimistic and depressed, so I have to make an effort to think that anyway there are still positive things
° I say I have a “creative chaos”, that I know exactly where my stuff is on my messy desk and therefore that it doesn’t bother me seeing it so messy, but the truth is that I’m way too lazy to tidy it up, even though it bothers me.
° in a few days I’ll have X-rays done to a foot, and after that the doctor’s going to tell me if I’ll be able to go running again or if I’ll have to stop for good (I really enjoy running, having to stop would make me very very sad)
° I’ve been at the optometrist some days ago… I believed my eyese were -8.50 and -9… it’s -10.25 and -10.50 plus some astigmatism… I’m basically as blind as a mole (luckily there are contacts to make it better and my eyes are healthy anyway)
° I’m an introverted and moody gal, aka sometimes I just want to spend time alone, alone with my thoughts, I don’t even want to speak, yet I do realize that behaving like that means shutting others out (Sa first and foremost, he sees me every day), and that I might end up hurting people… but I can’t help sometimes…
° We call Clothilde “Stinkerbell” not to mock her, but because sometimes she downloads such stenches that we are forced to open up the windows for an hour even if it is full winter… sigh…

Here you go, this is me with some of my imperfections (there are more but I’m keeping quiet about that 😛 and here’s another one: I’m somewhat prideful).
That’s all, just to balance the karma from the friday lists 😉

All these things also tie back to a more wide idea I’m playing with, but this is not the right time to discuss it :)

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  1. Ape Regina

    Ma sai, io penso che al di la’ del fatto che nessuno ha una vita perfetta, trovo bello poterci credere un po’, vedere le cose piu’ rosa di quel che sono ed enfatizzare ogni momento… Sto lavorando da un po’ a un post che parla di come rendere speciale una vita che, tra i momenti belli e quelli brutti, e’ davvero una vita “normale”

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