Musa’s Box

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° celebrating my friend’s achievement, with a lot of good food to eat 😉
° having an excuse to dress up a little
° m Faun, that comes and picks me up whatever part of Italy I’m in!
° 4 days in Tuscany: the B&B, Pistoia, Lucca, Florence, the food, the weather wich gifted us with some wind!
° Pistoia Blues Festival: the place, the bands, the show, meeting friends there, drinking loads of water, and all those nice things I’ve already mentioned!
° taking pictures with my new Fuji, signin in on Flickr so I can share my masterpieces :)
° eat a “panzanella”, never had one before, but it was tasty, and fresh!
° John Smith bitter extra smooth, first beer in months, and it was so good!
° Negrita’s song “In ogni atomo”, and having so much in common with the Faun
° seeing John Malkovich… he was in Prato for a show that night, but we never thought of seeing him having lunch with friends in a small corner bar! (my first though? “what a distinct granpa having lunch and leading the conversation with his family”)
° fresh water and peach ice tea
° my old beloved sunblock “+50, australian standard”, and a new sunblock +30 with carrots, sesame and shea butter, from L’Erbolario. If I’m still pale and unburnt is thanks to you.
° home made “rock night” thanx to Faun’s cds!
° bookstores: I’m always fascinated by how many things my brains could (should) feed on!
° going on holiday, and really “unplugging” from everything
° cuddling a dog that had huge ears, looked like a dog of the desert… and as usual being mistaken for foreigner while in Italy
° a restless and proactive mind
° taking a shower in the middle of the night, after coming home, completely damp, from a concert where you sweated your soul out (too much information thursday maybe?)
° getting used again to my contacts, therefore seeing everything in HD!
° tuscan accent
° dark nail polish
° Faun “liking” something on facebook on my behalf (’cause I don’t have it), to win a give away, for me! Cheesy sweet!
° eating gelato, in Florence, when it was international ice cream day, without even knowing about the event! (ok, we just like to eat ice cream :P)
° people pointing at ice cream huge baskets (into gelaterie) and smiling like child at the lunapark
° the smell of plants and herbs
° enjoy some hot weather without any excessive humidity
° living in a small, quiet, clean, tidy village, where in a 20 minutes walk you also manage to go to the bank and shopping for bread and milk.
° a night “desperados&anime”
° organizing things on my diary organizer, from this weekend to november (shopping, nights out, travels abroad, fairs, massages and much more!)
° really thinking about what I want to do, who I want to be, what I want, and how to look for it all, finally gettin out of these blurry times
° brushing and washing my doggy… but she’s not going to be as happy!

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5 thoughts on “Musa’s Box

  1. Euforilla

    Thanx Corinne! Yes it has been a wonderful little vacation, and we're already looking forward to go back as soon as possible!!

    And thank you Lindsay, it makes me really really happy that you wanted to tell me so, I really needed some cheering lately 😉

  2. Lindsay

    I used to speak it [Italian] much more fluently, sadly it's been a while now though.
    but yes, the pics are all from new york, mostly Brooklyn actually. i'm glad you liked!
    also, i'm always on the lookout for good italian music, if you have any suggestions i'm completely open.

  3. Euforilla

    Mmm… italian music… does it sound really odd if I say I don't listen too much to it?
    But I can pick a few songs (hoping we like a similar kind of music!)

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