Wedding Favors

Well yes, despite my hatred for wedding favors, I was left powerless against my mother and my motheri-in-law, they wanted to offer something to our guests.

Yet we managed to find a compromise that made everyone happy: charity wedding favors.

We chose Save The Children: in a few clicks we did it all and got the little scrolls delivered at home (we just had to tie the ribbons).

I’ve also been told that charity wedding favors are “in” right now. I don’t care, it’s a good thing and the money isn’t wasted, but if any of you is a fashionista, well, there you go 😛

So, to anyone who’s looking for a way to meet all needs (wedding favors, no wasting money, good deeds and being fashion 😉 ), my advice, very very very much heartfelt advice, is to look into charity wedding favors, or go the other way around: ask your favourite Charity if they do such a thing, or do it on your own.
Just like so: make a donation entitled to your wedding and then print out some thank you notes for your guests telling them what you did in their name.
As you see the chances are many 😉

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