Musa’s Box

Friday’s list, this week I’m grateful for:


° a sunny weekend, an evening walk, my balcony sprouting greens, this spring is having a hard time but it’s coming
° step to the fifth c25k week of training… this “week” will last a month on its own, but whatever XD
° an afternoon wandering through market stalls (those necklaces, those hats, all artisanal *_*) with my mom
° helping narrowing down an important choice
° my new, extra cool, infographic CV U_U
° a sandwich with easter eggs chocolate, a family tradition
° finding, zapping, the first episode of “Buffy, the vampire slayer”!
° a lucky day
° the teeny tiny wee package from China
° yummy strawberries
° a daisy between pages in a notebook
° the smell of blossoming trees
° biking biking biking
° overhearing the man of the fabric stall: he’s Gianni. Such an appropriate name complementing his face, character and job
° a massage with sweet almonds oli, to shush away my stiffneck
° my brand new did it myself ring
° mythological creatures

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