Musa’s Box

A little, weekly exercise in gratitude, through it I can appreciate how my life is full of blessings ^_^


° go see Gambit, really fun ^^ and then have an icecream, the first one this year, even thought outside it was raining (my icecream was covered in toffee, yuuuuum)
° saturday morning at the hammam *_*, I adore their hot stone big bench. And all that jasmine scented massage oil, heavenlike *_*
° cuddles
° a morning spent with my mom and my aunt, being pampered and then spoilt at a chinese restaurant, then come home and browse countless websites of formal dresses (they’re quite noobs with computers, therefore they need my help :P)
° pizza with very good company
° an uber lazy sunday, helped by good food (pumpkin risotto first and foremost)
° hot cocoa
° Clothilde’s polka dotted tummy
° going running, I like it also as a “mood booster”, and finally a sunny day to go running!
° a friend with whom I can talk about everything, also and most of all when we have different opinions 😛
° an “article” by the very New York Times that, basically, says that it is yet again that time -in the cyclical time in which fashion runs- when my wardrobe is “in”. Like a broken clock my wardrobe is right like twice ever: halloween and carnival, times where you can go from witches to bohemian hippies
° being able to say “My editor”, even though it’s a small thing, even though it is not exactly my project :)
° having fun making a tutorial that will be posted online for another website, but that I will translate for you too! 😉
° rehearse walking in heels (the neighbours must love me, really!)
° two sunny days in a row *_*
° thinking “Ok, tonight is grocery shopping, let’s see if we can find dinner, maybe they’ll have, I don’t know, ravioli for sale” and the find four different types of ravioli for sale, yay! If only I could do this with the lottery…
° loose track of time choosing fonts and having fun with Gimp
° mythological talks
° mythological creatures

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2 thoughts on “Musa’s Box

  1. Laura

    Anch’io vorrei vedere Gambit: adoro Colin Firth (anche se Cameron Diaz mi fa andare fuori dai gangheri: ma possibile che riesca a conservare un fisico perfetto? Ha fatto un patto col diavolo?!?)

    1. Euforilla Post author

      Colin Firth è veramente bravissimo, ormai gli ho visto fare quasi ogni tipo di parte (gli manca il cattivo in un film d’azione sparatutto ma secondo me lì sarebbe sprecato!).
      Camero Diaz probabilmente s’ammazza di addominali e diete impossibili, altro che! (Invidia nera!!!)

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