Musa’s Box

Booh! It’s friday! Well yes, I’ve decided to move this list to friday to have more room between posts :)

° Frankenweenie at the cinema (yes, it came just now in Italy). Stare girl (ok, in the film “Weird Girl”), and her Mr Whiskers, my favourites!
° chinese take away, chopsticks, couch, Bear Grylls on TV
° a walk in town, in a sunny day
° my brother, surprising us all :)
° walking as a “meditation” to clear my mind, and a rebirthing shower
° my dad, still recovering, full of bruises, but he’s doing better and better (and he was also on the paper twice, wow, how lucky…)
° fresh laundry smell
° a “friend spree”
° picking inspiring quotes (in english, they sound less cheesy to me… don’t know why!)
° mail starting with “abbella!” roman for “hey there beautiful” but this lousy translation doesn’t cut it at all!!!
° formal dress issues, but this is so fun XD
° fitness, and Clothilde looking at me lazily from the couch, or trying to sit on me while I’m stretching… and farting under my nose…
° other Musa’s boxes :)
° my new wall board (to be… I need just a couple of needles in the corners) U_U
° play Ruzzle
° my “Mr Whiskers-inspired” phone cozy 😀

If you ask nicely I can sew and sell you one too XD

° yummy dinners
° sell my creations, have custom orders, it means that people like what I do!!! 😀
° fix my address book, neat and pretty, online, with pictures, emails, phone numbers, birthdays, websites and blogs… I’m a little bit too OCD sometimes… but it’s soooo neat!!! (And so fun picking pictures for those who haven’t :P)
° the chance to go back to Paris, with my girls, on the road again!
° azuki soup, a little too spicy, but it was like eating chili (sin carne), spoonful of chili, om-nom-nom!!!
° a quick lunch with a friend
° spaghetti with meatballs, Lilly and the Tramp style 😀
° my family, we always laugh and joke
° mythological creatures

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