Christmas tree eco and low cost, a tutorial

After all it’s tradition: in these days Christmas trees are made.

It’s something I really enjoy doing and seeing, plus this is our very first Christmas at the Nook!!!
Which means also being completely out of any kind of decoration.

But if I’m Euforilla, I have some sort of tutorial for a low cost Christmas tree

Luckily, since I’m gone, my parents decided to discard their tree and use just general decorations around the house. So I’ve kind of inherited our old thinned out tree, but it’s still quite good looking. So look for used ones!

This summer I collected some pretty pinecones and some days ago my mom shows up with sheets of polystyrene. I got white shiny spray paint and some white and green glitter.

For the pinecones:
– wear gloves, go somewhere with a good aeration, protect the floor with something
– you can either put the pinecones down and spray them all together (as I did) or spraypaint them one by one and then putting them down
– the day after you second coat
– the day after you string them and paint some vinilic glue just on the tips, then roll the pinecone in glitter, shake off the excess, leave to dry
– the day after you can tidy up everything

For polystyrene shapes:
– take some thick polystyrene, take some cookie cutters, a cutter and a cutting board or something to protect the surface you’re working on
– place the cookie cutter on the polystyrene, follow the borders with the cutter (easy geometrical shapes are better, curves aren’t really working… no snowmen :( )
– adjust
– paint vinilic glue, sprinkle glitter, shake off the excess, leave to dry
– with needle and thread punch the polystyrene and thread it to hang it

Tradition says (well, my family tradition) that doing Christmas things with the appropriate soundtrack (a little example here) makes those “Christmas things” better.
We decorated our tree with the right sounds (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, yeah). But while I was preparing the ornaments I had quite different sounds in the background, name a few? Nevermore and those yucky sounds from The Walking Dead. Deck the halls uh?

The other ornaments we have on the tree come from tie ons from last year, a couple of ornament’s I’ve been given as gift and some others came with the tree, from my parent’s house, along with string lights (ehy, without a tree they weren’t going to use them anyway!).

For other ideas on ornaments I have another post here… yes, it was written in july, but now it comes in hand, doesn’t it? U_U

Pasta, hazelnut and silver spraypaint. If you have these things you can do it too! It came as a tie on :)

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