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Here I am, I’m back! A week “off” for the blog but not for Sa who struggled all the time to make it practically perfect (like Mary Poppins).

Now it’s a super cool blog, with a very professional home page, from which you can get to the last post, various pages, latest post you might have missed out. Basically, lot of fun stuff!

And I’ll take this chance to point your attention on those three cute little buttons up there, on the right, click them to follow me on Facebook, Twitter (that I’ve recently rediscovered and enjoyed, given my forced silence on blogging) and to subscribe to my RSS feed if you still haven’t (hey, it’s free!).

This way you won’t miss out any post, news or giveaway (I’m thinking of something ;)). You don’t have to worry, if you’re reading in english by clicking on the RSS feed you’ll receive english feeds, without double feeds in italian to bother you (and of course it works also vice versa!).

To those who end up here for the first time, ehy it happens :), this is my personal blog, I write a little bit of everything that picks my brain, mostly very flowerpower posts written to help myself learn “life lessons” while hoping to help others, preventing them to learn the way I learn: hitting my head hard on things (not good, not good…)!

What else… DIY, “atheist spirituality”, style on a budget, nerd-y stuff, cooking, makeup and cosmetics (mostly green and ecofriendly) and some “lesson for noobs” because if I did it, anyone can do it, really (do what? Anything)!

Basically I blog about all those ideas that could make me a billionaire… if I only could get payed for the mere fact that my mind sprouts ideas any second!!!

WriterNote: I use way too many emoticons and exclamation marks. But everyone has flaws.


Here’s something I did while I wasn’t blogging

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