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A short list this time, and on friday, but I didn’t want to clog up to wednesday’s post, and it’s short because I was home, with flu, so I didn’t had many opportunities to do things. But next week I’ll catch up!

° have good news (although not as clear as I’d like) and receiving some compliments
° a nice work time-schedule! Yay, finally!
° spend a really lazy friday evening, on the couch, watching our favourite tv series
° ikea, as always
° Aloisa’s night, at Grazzano Visconti, with all the pirates walking around
° chestnut fair and Castell’Arquato (did you know it’s the place where some of “Lady Hawk” scenes were filmed? :)
° some forced days-off, with naps, toons, Animal Crossing, chats and stupid tests
° hilarious typos on msn XD
° healing
° willing to do things
° “The mirror in the mirror. A labyrinth” a book by Michael Ende I’m reading
° meeting a Julie Andrews look-a-like and her hubby ^^
° pictures from our short trips
° stripes, always
° Mr. Faun, always and always more

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