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° food, it’s always a happy thing, and it’s good and my fridge is full :)
° thai massage, that twists and pulls you and leaves you filled up with endorphines, just like when you go for a run
° a day in Milan
° the yummy flatbreads by the focacceria genovese
° get prepared again to fix things and work at the Nook
° “The call of Chtulhu”, 2005 film, made like it was the twenties: black and white, mute, actors in makeup and futuristic scenographies!!!
° spend an hour and a half with my hands in the dirt, not caring for sun, heat, sweat, bugs and dirt everywhere. Enjoy the smell of earth, moss, grass, heat, and end up with a tidy and neat balcony
° to blog :)
° wake up early and depot/repot plants
° cross hands, feet, hair, sheets, and so on
° paninis made with fresh bread and ham, and homemade mayo, yumm!
° Jon Oliva’s Pain live… so good!!!
° finally a night at home, with home made dinner, couch and a nice movie (And now write it one hundred times!)
° a walk in town and ice cream (I got offered) thanx! 😀
° mythological creatures

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