Musa’s Box

New Musa’s Box, a virtual box where to collect all things “oh yeah!” from the past week :)

° walking to the central square, without any coat
° shop windows full of colours
° lunch with my aunt, chatting a lot (second born get eachother :P)
° green peas, pan cooked
° a hot bath with lots of froth and sun
° a very good beer in a very good pub with the right light and music (with a very nice company… also talking about sewing and fabrics :) )
° publishing some posts on the blog, I’m coming back
° Ringer’s plot, it’s always more entangled
° A song of ice and fire (I’m reading it in english ^^)
° acid green and white polka dots, matte, nails
° blueberry jam toast
° free patterns and music sheets online :)
° “One day one dress” with retrolab
° a super duper fabric store in Milan *_*
° harem pants I sew myself and making a belt with the same fabric and a bell *_*
° my dragon eggs, click on them once in a while, so they hatch U_U and they grow U_U and they have a family U_U and I can have a virtual dragon army to conquer the world U_U
° organize philosopher meetups, makeup afternoons and elemental dates
° finally having a fantastic way to transport myself: a bike!!!
° talking about short movies and thinking about what to do
° I’ve found an earring that I thought was long lost!
° I’ve found my beloved notebook with my recipes!!!
° the awesome weather of these days
° extra virgin olive oil, lemons and oranges straight from Calabria <3
° Mr Faun
° and mythological creatures :)

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3 thoughts on “Musa’s Box

    1. Euforilla Post author

      Lo sculettamento!!! Come ho potuto dimenticare tutto ciò? E’ l’età? E’ il non prendere appunti? Sono credibile se adesso dico che quelle sono cose personali e non le sbandiero? XD

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