Dating a musician

This post has no claims to be scientifically valid, dogmatically true nor universally accountable.
This post sprouts from my personal observations and direct, indrect and told-about experiences.

It has never been clear to me why girls complain about boys: if you are with him, why are you complaining (except some occasional burst, ok)? But let’s skip women’s clichés…

1. It’s a threesome. Know it. Your beloved musician, pro or not, fell in love with a woman as soon as he left mama’s heart, and this woman is Music. Fall in love with her too and maybe one day you and your beau will stand on the same level… below music 😀

2. He plays. Know it. Well, you probably already know it, maybe you got a crush on him because (or while) he plays. Playing requires time (rehearsals and gigs, or just sounchecks and random roadie-stuff), you can’t claim him and all his time all for yourself, 24/7… Is he playing god-knows-how-far-away? You can have an all-ladies night. He’s at rehearsals? You have your cooking lessons or lion training or whatever. Then, when you’ll meet again you’ll have tons of things to tell to eachother.

3. He’s a musician. He may earn his living by sprinkling cupcakes with nonpareils, but he is a musician: he eats, drinks, breathes, lives and talks music. With whatever comes with it… complaining about it it’s like complaining that a mathematician has calculators.

4. Listen. Take point one. Ok, Music doesn’t speak, so he’ll ask you your opinions about his songs. Don’t just say “cool” for the sake of it… he already knows you are his (one and only) personal groupie. Really listen, ask questions, try to understand, state your opinion… if a song’s too long, then it’s too long, if a sound’s not that clear, then it’s not that clear; if a passage it’s too complicated or too sloppy then say it. From this to have his songs on your mp3 reader there’s really short distance :)

5. Other girls. I don’t know if this has ever been studied or put under statistics, but I think, a thought made by eye, that a musicina has far more chances to meet girls than any regular homo sapiens sapiens. We, girls, go to clubs, we have friends and sometimes we also play or sing in bands too… and musician know a lot of people.
Don’t worry, if among all these people he chose you, there’s a reason, isn’t it? (If he flirts anyway then he’s just an “asshole”, and I’m sorry to say that you find these kind of people anywhere, no matter where you’re looking at).

6. Be patient. If these five simple points seem too much, or seem to carry too much to deal with… then maybe it’s the time to reconsider having a musician as a boyfriend: mathematicians love girls too, and calculators use solar energy, don’t make any noise and take really little room.

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4 thoughts on “Dating a musician

    1. Euforilla Post author

      Grazie Kira!!! Io ho scritto di musicisti, perché parto da lì, ma credo si possa applicare a chiunque abbia una passione per qualcosa: se almeno la condividi o ne hai una tua per compensare è tutto di guadagnato!

  1. goddessinspired

    Allelujah! Mi sono finalmente arrivati tutti i tuoi feed, contemporaneamente ok… Ma speriamo che sia un buon segno e che d’ora in poi arrivino al momento giusto! XD

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