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hot cocoa, marshmallow, cioccolata calda, natale

° a saturday spent in the kitchen with my friends, baking the best veg lasagna I’ve ever had. Here’s the recipe of my grandma Natalina’s béchamel
° a perfect sunday: fog, christmastree, bananas & nuts plumcake, hot cocoa, TransSiberianOrchestra, The Lord of The Rings, pizza at my niece’s and she was pulling a lot of funny faces because I was telling her about her round-y-belly
° a nap to restore myself
° THE recipe for home made hot cocoa (I just need to see if I can repeat it XD)
° Christmas stall market, every year it’s always the same stuff, but I like the anyway
° walking in the thick fog
° Christmas lights in the fog, NOW it is the Christmas I remember from when I was little :)
° my henna tattoo: it got darker and it’s still holding pretty well
° the scalding hot radiators at my office, so warm *w*
° our new windows, now we can properly keep the cold outside! And the noise! And dust!
° Clothilde and me teaming up to keep ourselves warm while the house is without heating and windows
° shea butter, it’s a blessing!
° the “express program” in my bread machine, it doesn’t turn our the nice fluffy loaf I usually do, but in less than two hours I have bread for two!
° dinner with Lord of The Rings, being able to focus on things like the backdrops, the costumes, all the details
° sunday chat
° our winter duvet
° finding out that a duvet sack, that we thought was closed on all the sides, was actually really open as a sack (the fact that I’ve found it out when halfway through seam ripping one side -the right one luckily- is a thing I’m not that grateful for XD)
° proofreading my friend’s new book and having fangirl reactions to quotes, characters/people and real-life moments
° plans for this afternoon and evening: tea room and then Eritrean restaurant, yummy!
° shared excel sheets
° ideas that make me feel like a genius
° mythological creatures

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