Musa’s Box

It’s friday! Musa’s box time!!!


° Start my seasonal wardrobe change… from myself
° a quiet stay-at-home friday :)
° “peperonata” (and digesting it with no problems at all!)
° quite a hectic saturday, but I had good company
° get ready to go out with my friend M.
° Deimos, live, in a nice pub, with young kids “pogo dancing themselves”, I enjoyed the show even though I got there late 😛
° sunday with my parents, earning myself a very cool dress
° gift myself with my first pair of Camper shoes (which I hope will last forever), and they’re so burtonian *_*
° a new chance to learn
° green tea, it detangles you to the soul
° a bellyfull of smoked salmon
° “The Elves’ cards” by Tiziana Mattera (only in italian or german, sorry!)
° bread-making robot, my first attempt with it. Fresh bread: yummy!!! (Also very good the following days, lightly toasted… with a little bit of my mom handmade strawberry jam)
° watch GoT on the couch with Sa and Clò
° “The perks of being a wallflower”. Wonderful movie! It moved me constantly, and it unleashed a gazillion thoughts (included “fuq, I’m so glad I’m not a teenager anymore”) and OF COURSE now I want so bad to read the original book
° grilled sausages
° going back to running regularly, coming home into pieces but really satsfyied
° the chance to spend an afternoon with this combo: grey weather+couch+cat+book+cup of tea
° Emilie Autumn’s new video “F.L.A.G.” (at least new to me XD)
° feel useful, productive, professional ^^
° a very quick lunch to exchange a Hard Disk with a branch of a tree to plant 😀
° mythological creatures

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