Madrid first then the World

I like to travel, one of my dreams is to tour the world.

Last year wasn’t so bad, between Paris and Madrid. This year wouldn’t be bad to have another couple of travels.
Truth is that with Madrid I’m lucky: my brother can host me there (by the way… I have to go and see his new place, and maybe drag Sa there too!).

Moreover in a short span of time a friend of mine is moving there too… ah, l’amour!
In Madrid I really love three main things: countless squares to stop by and have a bite (maybe a sandwich bought in El Corte Inglés), Parque del Retiro and its Palacio de Cristal, but mostly free museums.

Every and each museum has, during the week, a day where you can go in free. Prado, Reina Sofia, Thissen, name one, and you can go there to witness art for free, to risk a Stendhal sindrome for free.

Luckily there are low cost flights, and I believe that finding an accomodation or a b&b for cheap isn’t that hard, there’s plenty of websites out ther ready to help you.

Anyway, this year we might repeat both Madrid and Paris… but we, Sa and me, are quite interested in going to Scotland.

And well, after all if I started a list of places where I’d like to go I’d sooner give you a world globe and say “everywhere”.
First in the list I’d put Scotland, Ireland, Prague, Berlin, Japan, somewhere in Scandinavia, Mexico, Morocco, Egipt, India… and I’ve never been to Rome! Oh, so many places!!!
Poi vabbeh, se mi mettessi a fare una lista di posti non finirei più, farei prima a darvi un mappamondo e dirvi “dappertutto”.
Come primi in lista però ci vedrei Scozia, Irlanda, Praga, Berlino, Giappone, qualche parte in Scandinavia, Messico, Marocco, Egitto, India… con tutto che però non sono mai stata neanche a Roma… Ah, quanti posti!!!

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