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So, how was your week? How many things, and which ones, made you smile? But most of all: are you writing your lists? ‘Cause it makes you feel good, you know?!

° white blanket with tiny flowers on, thanx mom, thanx Ikea XD
° Abenobashi
° take away sushi, with green tea
° my friends, always ready to jump in my plans of masquerade parties
° a night out with said friends, laughing all the time
° a quiet sunday
° building/making stuff (from goggles to bookshelves)
° naps
° an evening to write and plot
° being able to read a lot on the train
° cocnut eau de toilette
° the smell of fireplaces and roasted chestnuts
° the wonders of a hot shower
° linen seed oil, my hair is sooooooooooooooft!!!
° planning my day, and keeping up with it
° singing exercises and lessons… even though I’m stubborn on stuff I find counterintuitive 😛
° reading again books and essays about philosophy, my overdose is… over!
° useful thoughts, putting things back in perspective (most notably the pessimistic ones)
° programs, plugins, addons, extensions and all those nice things, hiphip hurray for free informatics
° Hedgehog wars
° flat breads!
° realizing when I give things for granted, or where’s my basic error
° Mr. Faun, inspiring me so much, almost stealing the Muse profession from me 😛
° planning and drawing costumes!
° and the recommendations station (listened to thanks to on Firefox and Free Music on Chrome!), oh and Ubuntu with its 4 desktops *_*
° olives
° Mythological creatures, always happier!

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