Law of Attraction

We can call these “tools”, even if they sound like quirky spells. If youread through some websites and articles about self-help, you will see these tools popping up as soon as they can. So what did I do? I tried them! And I’ll share my take on them.

-L.o.A. / intention manifestation
It won’t turn you into a toad, nor in one of those big, red acme magnets Willy E. Coyote is so fond of. Some people think it’s a cosmic law, some people explain it in more psychological terms, other people explains it through quantum mechanics. I found new meanings to the old said “what goes around, comes around”.
It’s based on the assumption that thoughts become facts, on the energetic vibration of our feelings and emotions.
This is just an appetizer, ’cause there’s a lot to say on each topic, and they’ll all have their own post.

-Affirmations and assertiveness
They may be the most widespread and known tool. It consists in using present tense, all-positive (metaphorically and without “no”, “not” and such) and supportive sentences, that you’ll repeat yourself like your self-made mantras. Assertiveness it’s kinda the base of this phrases, but it’s also helpful in day to day speech… do you ever giggle after a joke, to let others get that it is a joke? do you ever start out with “I think, I believe, it’s just my opinion but…”? All these starters unvalue your thoughts, avoiding them, is being assertive.

Stands for “Emotional Freedom Technique”. It’s described as acupuncture without needles, it is a manual stimulations of some acupuncture meridian points, while repeating phrases about some “issue” to get rid of it. Whether it be a physical or emotional issue, it doesn’t matter, “issues” are considered interruptions in the energy flow of your body, and EFT simply fixes it and lets energy flow.

I told you I’m some kind of an hippie-head! And that decided to give all this “stuff” a try. I will be telling you my take on this, but let’s start with a disclaimer, because I know you’ll have some objections, as I did:
these kind of theories and techniques always have a quite good argument to shush your objections: if it’s not working with you it’s because you’re doing it wrong;
and: never heard about placebo effect?

What I’m offering here is no dogma, it’s my opinion and the results of what I’ve tried, because I decided to be open minded and give these theories a chance (I only had five minutes of my time to lose, so why not?), and I must say I’m quite happy with the results… and even if it was just placebo effect… well… if a placebo helps me keep cool during university tests and interviews, tell me where’s the placebo pez-dispenser!

Write to you soon, with more details 😉

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4 thoughts on “Toolbox

  1. Santo

    "se l'autosuggestione mi fa stare più tranquilla a un esame, ditemi dov'è il pulsante per inserirla automaticamente!" Come si fa a non essere d'accordo? 😉 Non ha importanza a cosa portino "scientificamente" queste tecniche, l'importante è che funzionino! E funzionano anche secondo me ^^

  2. Marta

    Agree!!! E poi, parlare per partito preso è un conto, parlare per esperienza personale è un altro :)Soprattutto quando si decide di mettere a disposizione le proprie conoscenze e impressioni anche di chi ne sa poco o nulla…
    C'è solo da imparare da te Cri, grazie!!!!

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