Musa’s Box

Friday! Weekly list of all those nice things that happened in the past week – indeed – if you write one too leave me a link in the comments! Yay!

Message to everybody :)

° Sholeh Zard chai latte (tea from Sholeh Zard booksigning + milk)
° naps on the couch with Clothilde
° nice answers and confirmations
° singing along Champs Elysées, in the original version and in NOFX cover
° selfesteem boosts (for a moment I wrote “boots”… I’d like me some boots, yes!)
° watching the snow falling, even if it blocks me at home, even if it makes it messy for all those who need to drive to go somewhere
° new cultural email exchange 😀
° willing to read graphic novels, it’s all your fault Lanterna!!! (In this case I’d like to read Hellboy and Morgana)
° chinese new year, it is no cultural appropriation, the thing is I like worldy folklore, people’s uses and habits, I’m curious of these things… and this year their new year of the water snake, well, I felt it too: plenty of new things all crammed in a few days after the new moon!
° my grandma’s “fias”, fritters she makes only for Carnevale (mardi gras)
° our “non-valentine/pre-valentine”, with sushi, Supernatural and a lit fireplace
° draw a dinosaur for my friend Spleen, with Paint
° polka dots and hearts stockings
° Clothilde’s fur, sooooo soft, mostly on her polka dotted belly
° hung laundry in the sun, outside on our little balcony
° knit my cloudy scarf
° packing for Paris! *_*
° mythological creatures :)

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