• Musa’s Box
  • Zaru soba: recipe
  • Hiyashi chuka: cold ramen – recipe
  • Musa’s Box with Sardinia in it
  • Okonomiyaki: recipe
  • Some more japanese recipes

Musa’s Box

Published 31 July 2015 at 09:42 - 1 Comment

This is a “so close to the holidays” list. ° the weather becoming much more pleasant, this is the summer I like! ° japanese knives and “asian” products at the supermarket: aka how to stock up on a monday morning *_* ° making some sort of tabbouleh that reminded me of Montpellier ° my galaxy nails, thanx to my cousin […]

Zaru soba: recipe

Published 29 July 2015 at 10:43 - No Comments

Here’s the second “cold” japanese recipe. This is extremely japanese in the taste, if I may say so. Very little ingredients, all typical, of very high quality. Here’s all the japanese culture of taking one ingredient and mastering it, to taste all its peculiar flavour. Which might sound like “it tastes of very little”. But this little is very good!!! […]

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