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Pre-vacation Musa’s Box

Published 8 August 2014 at 14:55 - 1 Comment

Tomorrow we’re leaving for our summer holidays. I still have to pack the suitcase. I still have to *think* about what to pack… I don’t think I’ll handle this… even though the list will be three items long: bathingsuit, pijama, sunscreen. Period. But THIS list is pretty plumpy as always! ° plenty of tomatoes in the fridge, thank you green […]

Steampunk at Heart… or at the Circus – tutorial

Published 6 August 2014 at 10:17 - 2 Comments

Did I ever say that during swap parties you can make big finds? I did? At least a thousands times? Oh, ok, cool, so I won’t have to say it again. Like… take this burgundy dress. It had a nice colour and the best fabric ever, light, flowy, fresh. Too bad for the granny-length, but that’s nothing a pair of […]

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